Rising Djibouti - Crowdfunding campaign


Djibouti has experienced a strong and stable economic growth in recent years. The pandemic of Covid-19 jeopardizes this positive trend and may scale back hard-won achievements. The pandemic, and the consecutive lockdown, abruptly deprived public income and increased public expenses to provide care to the population. The impact on the Djiboutian economy disproportionally affects small businesses and the informal sector, which represents more than 70% of all jobs. This economic tsunami is likely to send back to poverty the most vulnerable and disrupt social cohesion

To recover from the pandemic and rise better, the Republic of Djibouti adopted the National Solidarity Pact. Beyond health, it promotes a socioeconomic response to ensure that no one is left behind but all rise forward. The Pact offers social safety nets, including to migrants and refugees, and protects small businesses, startups and self-employed with micro-credit and stimulus packages to ensure business continuity. It also focuses on bridging the gender gap and support the most vulnerable.

Our Story

The crowdfunding campaign is a tool for collecting funds to support Rising Djibouti and to connect with one another and leave no one behind. As seen in many countries, certain groups, including refugees, elderlies, women, children and persons with disabilities, may be marginalized and have little access to essential support. The campaign mobilizes not only financial resources but attention and awareness of national and international communities and promotes solidarity and oneness in Djibouti.

Our Actions

Mobilized funds through this campaign will contribute to Rising Djibouti as follows:

  • Provide at least 30,000 underprivileged households with micro grants to bounce forward
  • Give stimulus packages to at least 15,000 micro or small business owners to reinvigorate the local economy
  • Distribute production equipment and materials to at least 20,000 self-employed workers for business continuity
  • Offer micro grants to at least 100 local NGOs in supporting their communitie

Your contribution can change change their lives.