Towards a multisectoral partnership for the inclusion of people with special needs

June 2, 2022

Djibouti June 2, 2022 - The National Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ANPH) with the support of UNDP, organized a workshop on the Restitution of the strategy of mobilization of resources to implement the action plan of the national strategy of disability for the inclusion of people with special needs at all levels and in all sectors. This workshop was an opportunity for ANPH and UNDP to sign the annual work plan.

A government priority for the past 5 years, the Government of Djibouti created in 2018, ANPH, an agency dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities and enacted the law on the promotion and protection of the rights of people with special needs.

In 2020, the ANPH with the support of UNDP developed the national disability strategy based on the 2019 national disability prevalence survey which found a disability prevalence rate of 8.4%. To ensure better inclusion of people with special needs in all sectors, the strategy was developed through a participatory and inclusive approach with the whole government and society.

The formulation of the strategy was carried out within the framework of the joint project "Advancing the Rights of People with Special Needs" in Djibouti funded by UNPRPD and in partnership with UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA.

This project aimed to create social change to promote the full implementation of the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) by facilitating awareness and capacity development to advance the rights of persons with special needs.

Validated by all stakeholders, the national disability strategy aimed at improving the provision of services and quality of life for people with disabilities, promoting access to livelihoods and building an inclusive society, has been translated into a budgeted action plan and validated by presidential decree in late 2021. 

To support and accelerate inclusive, equitable and sustainable development for all, the implementation of this strategy requires the involvement of all stakeholders at all levels and the creation of strong partnerships to ensure coordinated planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of programs and policies. 

"In an effort to leave no one behind and guided by its new Strategic Plan 2022-2025, UNDP will continue to promote the inclusion of disability in all aspects of its programming. UNDP will continue to advance the rights of people with special needs in Djibouti and will support the government through the ANPH in its efforts to bring together and mobilize all partners to build an inclusive, fairer, more equitable and more supportive Djiboutian society," said UNDP representative Emma Anoh in her speech. She also added that these partnerships are essential for each person with special needs to enjoy equal rights and opportunities to participate in the development of Djibouti.