National solidarity pact

The NATIONAL SOLIDARITY PACT impact assessment of COVID 19 on Djibouti economic projection for 2020 (GDP funding gap scenarios & projections). The PACT highlights funding needs of the national response including mitigation measures to reduce the socioeconomic impact of COVID19.

Djibouti risks losing the achievements of 20 years of development progress.

The current health crisis commutes into a social and economic one that endangers 20 years of efforts for development and reverting all progress made on the SDGs. It subject Djibouti to 4 major risks:

  • Risk of increased Poverty,
  • Risk of social strain and unrest,
  • Risk of debt unsustainability and budgetary stress
  • Risk of private sector collapse and bankruptcy

The crisis affects mostly the vulnerable population: informal economies, women, refugee and migrants.

The response is structured to leave no one behind in a decentralized approach for health, social protection and budgetary measures.

A national committee for recovery planning will be set immediately  by the government.

To access the full version, click on  NATIONAL SOLIDARITY PACT