Statement by the UNDP Administrator on Taliban Ban on Afghan Women Working with United Nations

13. April 2023

UNDP joins the Secretary-General and other United Nations (UN) agencies in calling on the Taliban de facto authorities to immediately revoke the decision banning Afghan women from working for the UN and reverse all measures restricting women’s and girls’ rights.

Afghanistan is on the brink of economic collapse, exacerbated with the takeover in August 2021. The effects of the pandemic, followed by an extraordinary 20.7 percent contraction of the economy, and an unusually severe drought, have resulted in the loss of food, livelihoods and access to basic services. Only the continued provision of international aid and basic services to millions of Afghans have prevented a full collapse. Continued international assistance remains critical.

A sustainable recovery from the deepening crisis requires the full participation of Afghan women in the economy and society.