Getting to know our shared heritage from home: A 3D point cloud for the Othello Tower in Famagusta

November 4, 2021

Taking into account the current unprecedented opportunities provided by the digital age, the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (TCCH) had previously incorporated a digital heritage component to its projects. A 3D point cloud of the Othello Tower, created as part of the framework of the TCCH’s Digital Heritage Projects, has launched and can be accessed here.

The 3D point cloud of Othello Tower presents a chance for students and professionals alike to access and work with the high accuracy model of the monument to create surveys and drawings of Othello Tower. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to study and familiarize themselves with the monument even when access to it is not possible due to factors like the ongoing pandemic. Furthermore, this tool enables: (i) the visualization of the Othello Tower 3D point cloud online, (ii) measurement of distances, (iii) computing volumes and areas and the (iv) extraction, visualization and download of sections of the monument.

Previously, the TCCH had launched a platform for virtually touring the Othello Tower during the pandemic as part of the Digital Heritage Projects, which constitutes a significant opening to bridge the gap between the past and the present, contributing appreciably to the sustainable and peaceful future of Cyprus.

This project is carried out by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage with funding from the European Union and with technical support from the United Nations Development Programme.