Project implemented by UNDP LIF and funded by the EU, Feasibility study to improve public services in Nicosia Walled City

November 13, 2022

Nicosia, 9 November 2022 – UNDP, in the framework of the European Union funded Local Infrastructure Facility, recently started to implement a new feasibility study to improve public services within the boundaries of the Nicosia Walled City.

 A team of consultants facilitated a 2.5-hour workshop with representatives from various service providers at Merkez Lefkoşa.Relevant stakeholders, NGOs, shopkeepers and residents participated to the workshop.

The main objectives of the Walled City project is to revitalise the city by enhancing the standard of living, promoting parity of opportunity in all communities, taking a holistic approach to infrastructure planning, developing resilient, sustainable and financially viable infrastructure solutions.

The key output of the Feasibility Study is an action-oriented, realistic Implementation Plan that has the support of stakeholders and the local community. Successful prioritization and delivery of the identified interventions will be contingent on their widespread acceptance and sense of ownership by residents, businesses, infrastructure operators and the local community. Inclusive engagement across all groups responsible for funding, implementing, using or living / working with interventions is essential to ensuring all voices are heard and that the Implementation Plan reflects community priorities.

The aim of the project is to deliver an implementation plan with positive “spillover” effects for the entire Walled City area, which will also strengthen its integration into the wider central area of Nicosia to facilitate the reunification of the island.

The duration of the Feasibility Study is 38 weeks, with a total budget amount of EUR 417,550.

For further information and media enquiries please contact UNDP at: or Tel. +357 22874733 or +90392 2200027.