Ground-breaking ceremony for the European Union funded Morphou WWTP extension project

June 23, 2022

Photo Credit: Kerim Belet

A ground-breaking ceremony was organized by UNDP in partnership with the European Commission for the European Union funded Morphou Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) extension project, on 22nd June 2022 at 9:30.

The event included speeches from Mr. Kjartan Bjornsson, Deputy Director at DG REFORM & Head of Cyprus Settlement Support Unit at the European Commission, Mr. Alexandre Prieto, UNDP LIF Project Manager on behalf of UNDP Cyprus Head of Office, and Mr. Mahmut Özçınar, representing the Morphou local community.

Mr. Kjartan Bjornsson, Deputy Director at DG REFORM & Head of Cyprus Settlement Support Unit at the European Commission, spoke about the results achieved through this project:

“Like all the community development projects, our wastewater projects in this region have not only been ambitious in scope, but also challenging to implement. We are delighted to see how a good collaboration with the beneficiary has resulted in the development of much needed infrastructure. Thanks to this collaboration, we have not only met the need of the community for wastewater treatment, but also for irrigation. Since 2020, the treated wastewater has been distributed to local farmers for irrigation purposes. This is the result of another EU financed project worth EUR 2.7 million. I am happy to note that the Contractor and the Engineer contracted by our implementing partner, UNDP, are delivering according to the work plan. Most importantly, the local community is making it all possible. We are delighted to see that works are proceeding well and on time.”

Mr. Alexandre Prieto, UNDP LIF Project Managerö on behalf of the UNDP Cyprus Head of Office, gave highlighted the importance of climate action and thanked UNDP’s partners:

“Under its climate promise and together with partners, UNDP has been supporting climate change adaption action in numerous ways for many years to mitigate emissions and adapt to climate impacts. We are looking forward to continuing to draw upon our extensive experience, partnerships and expertise to help support the communities in Cyprus towards a future that is zero-carbon and climate-resilient. I would like to thank the European Union for their support on this project and on the Local Infrastructure Facility, which they are the main contributor of. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the local community for their excellent support in the preparation and implementation of this project.”

During his speech, Mr. Mahmut Özçınar, representing the Morphou local community, expressed his pleasure in taking part in the groundbreaking ceremony of Morphou Waste Water Treatment Plant extension project. Özçınar stated that Morphou local community is sensitively focused on such environmental projects and that they aim to be an exemplary community in the field of recycling, focused on environmental protection. He also stated that the local community takes responsibility for spreading the awareness in the society.

This project is the second stage of the Morphou WWTP project funded by the European Union. In 2013, the first stage of the construction of the WWTP was completed by the European Commission. The initial installed capacity was 1,347 m3/day or 10,750 population equivalent. Due to the increasing need for sewerage connections, the need to extend the WWTP became evident. The second stage will now be implemented to increase the treatment capacity of the plant. When completed, the second stage will double the plant’s capacity.

Following a public procurement process, UNDP signed a contract for the second stage of the design and construction of the WWTP in November 2021. The designs were completed in April 2022 and works began in May 2022. The works are expected to be completed at the end of June 2023.

The WWTP extension project consists of two stages:

  • Stage 1: 1,347 m³/day or 10,750 population equivalent
  • Stage 2: (2,694 m³/day for 21,500 population equivalent

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