European Union


UNDP's main donor in Cyprus is the European Union (EU). 

Since 2001, the long-standing cooperation between the EU and UNDP Cyprus has had significant contributions towards the ongoing peace building processes on the island. Funding from the EU is primarily supporting the work of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, support to the Committee for Missing Persons (CMP), the Local Infrastructure Facility and supporting the work of the Technical Committees through the Support Facility to the Technical Committees, including the Technical Committee on Environment, Technical Committee on Crime and Criminal Matters, Technical Committee on Culture, Technical Committee on Health, Technical Committee on Commercial Matters, Technical Committee on Education.

UNDP’s operational flexibility and strong capacity to adjust its programme to the priorities of the two communities has proved crucial in continuing to position the as a key partner of choice for the EU. The EU’s trust in UNDP’s proven track record and on-the-ground solid expertise has allowed for a well-established partnership which in turn, allows for the successful implementation of confidence and trust building projects in both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities.

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