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More people than ever before are living in crisis.

1.2 billion live in conflict-affected areas
4.2 billion people affected by disaster in the past 20 years
300 million people face hunger in 2022
100+ million people are forcibly displaced



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Break the cycle. Get ahead of the curve. Invest in hope.

UNDP helps countries anticipate, prevent, respond to and recover from crisis, every day, and in every development context.

As the world experiences rising violent conflict, the impacts of the climate crisis, deepening mistrust in institutions, and the sharpest drop in human development in decades, we are stepping up our crisis offer.

Today, we focus on breaking the cycle of fragility, getting ahead of the crisis curve, and investing in hope - from jobs to justice - in times of crisis.


Our Crisis Offer






We invest in people’s agency through the hardest time of their lives.

A people-centered approach drives both our work and our determination to strengthen the governance foundations for effective social contracts, deepen human security, and ultimately build more resilient and stable societies, that leave no one behind.

People need to survive, but also need to do so in dignity, free from want and free from fear, and with respect for their fundamental human rights.

Stay and deliver

UNDP stays and delivers to save people’s livelihoods, safeguard socio-economic progress and institutional service delivery systems – from jobs to justice – to build hope beyond handouts.  

By “staying and delivering” in crisis, UNDP has already supported the return of millions of IDPs, provided solutions for the payments of tens of thousands of frontline workers, built capacities that helped reduce the impact of disasters, and the risk of violence, in dozens of countries, and helped tens of millions of people retain their livelihoods, access basic social, security and justice services, and build back better lives after crises.

In the process, UNDP has empowered women and youth, promoted inclusive institutions, including for the rule of law and respect for human rights, and strengthened social cohesion for more peaceful, just and sustainable human development.

HDP nexus

Through the course of crisis, UNDP maintains a development lens, and promotes coherence with humanitarian and peacebuilding actions. 

The humanitarian-development-peace nexus ensures strong cooperation, collaboration and coordination between humanitarian, development and peacebuilding efforts to more effectively respond to crisis.

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of UNDP’s budget is spent in fragile contexts


of UNDP’s largest Country Offices are in fragile contexts


UNDP is on the ground in all 60 OECD-defined fragile contexts


Crisis prevention and recovery have been a core part of UNDP's mandate for more than 20 years