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Global Toolkit on the 3x6 approach: Building resilience through jobs and livelihoods

Nov 17, 2016

The 3x6 Approach consists of three organizing principles and six fundamental steps that are implemented in three distinct phases, which aims to support the transition from emergency development efforts (such as ‘cash for work’) to sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable population groups during transition or in crisis or post-crisis contexts (for example, conflict and disaster). The 3x6 approach considers participants as active partners in their own socio-economic recovery and development. This sense of ownership and choice is an essential element of the approach.

The 3x6 Toolkit was designed in response to demand from UNDP Country Offices in crisis-affected and transition contexts. Although their contexts differ widely, there was a common demand for support to address vulnerabilities, secure development gains and prevent disruptions to continuing development progress. The 3x6 toolkit should be used to develop programmes and projects that generate sustainable livelihoods, create resilient communities and support the meaningful participation of crisis-affected people in local and national recovery. 

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