A Guide for Governments and Partners to Integrate Environment and Human Rights into the Governance of the Mining Sector

Jun 8, 2018

This joint Guide by UNDP and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency seeks to support governments and other stakeholders to better manage the environmental and social aspects of mining, in a way that rebalances relations in favour of more just and sustainable outcomes for local communities and vulnerable groups, including women and children, now and in the future. 

This publication supports government authorities to:

  • Integrate the substance of environmental and human rights standards into the regulatory fabric of the sector (its policies, laws and regulations) to make these obligations part and parcel of the way the sector is governed, managed and operated.
  • Actively engage the affected public to participate in rulemaking, licensing and monitoring of the sector, acknowledging the value of communities’ and civil society participation in improving the governance of the mining sector and strengthening enforcement.
  • Put in place a range of processes and mechanisms for holding government and mining companies accountable to the public, including mechanisms that can help resolve disputes and provide effective remedies.

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