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Stakeholder Response Mechanism

Aug 21, 2014

UNDP has recently established a corporate grievance, or dispute resolution mechanism, called the Stakeholder Response Mechanism (SRM), which will provide a supplemental, formal avenue for stakeholders to engage with UNDP. The SRM will be available to stakeholders when they believe that a UNDP project may have adverse social or environmental impacts on them; they have raised their concerns with Implementing Partners and/or with UNDP through standard channels for stakeholder consultation and engagement; and they have not been satisfied with the response.

The SRM provides a way for UNDP to address these situations systematically, predictably, expeditiously, and transparently. Through the SRM, UNDP Country Offices, Regional Bureaux and Service Centers and Headquarters collaborate in a thorough, good faith effort to resolve outstanding concerns to the satisfaction of all parties, and to document the results to ensure accountability and promote