MDG Poster Book

05 Apr 2013

2013 is a defining moment in the MDG timeline, with countries focusing efforts towards accelerating progress while at the same time drawing lessons from their MDG experience to help shape the post-2015 development agenda. These elements defined UNDP’s “2013 Global MDG Conference (GMC): Making the MDGs Work” held from 27-28 February in Bogotá, Colombia. The conference brought together over 180 participants from about 40 countries, representatives from 18 UN agencies, government representatives, media, civil society and academia. The GMC aimed to maintain the momentum for accelerating MDG progress to 2015, while taking stock of lessons learned from efforts to achieve the MDGs to help inform the development agenda beyond 2015.


The GMC included a MDG Expo, which exhibited the catalytic contributions of several UN agencies and initiatives and their partners from around the globe in supporting countries towards achieving the MDGs. With less than 1,000 days remaining until the MDG deadline, the posters also highlighted critical areas where further progress was needed. Posters submitted by the UN MDG-F, UNEP, UNICEF, UNESCO and UNDP are brought together in this book for dissemination to a wider audience, with many thanks to our colleagues from across the world for these contributions.


We intend this book to be a living document, to be updated periodically. In case you would like to submit experiences in the poster book, you can do so through the submission forms at the UNDP MDG Poster Book site (English | French | Spanish).  Print-ready files of each poster are also available to support knowledge sharing and advocacy activities by the relevant country offices. 


The conference itself provided further impetus to acceleration efforts, helped identify key implementation breakthroughs and begun the process of preparing for the Special Event on the MDGs at the UN General Assembly to be held on 25 September 2013. We trust this book will continue to advance these objectives, and that you will find the information contained here useful and inspiring. Please share!

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