Going Local to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals

Published on 01 Sep 2009 3.5 Mb

Document Summary

Going Local to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (2009) describes the experiences of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and UNDP in supporting local efforts to achieve the MDGs, by promoting local ownership, understanding local needs and trends, and fostering collaboration between different actors at the local level.

This publication covers eight countries case studies including Albania, Benin, Guinea, Bissau, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda, and Viet Nam. Chapter 1 briefly describes what MDG localization is and why it is relevant, looking at four factors that are considered important for successful MDG localization, namely capacity at local level, involvement of non-state actors, coordination and coherence, and availability of financial resources. Chapter 2 presents key findings from the eight country case studies on the basis of these four factors. Chapter 3 gives an illustrative overview of MDG localization experiences in eight countries that participated in the SNV-UNDP programme on MDG localization. The last part recommends some approaches and strategies that advance the MDGs locally and help cope with the challenges. These recommendations are focused on awareness raising, financial challenges, involvement of the private sector, and application of both national and local framework in MDG localization.

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