Gender, HIV and Health Discussion Papers

Apr 20, 2016

These Discussion Papers focussing on Gender and Malaria, and Gender and TB, are intended to support practitioners, civil society and government partners wishing to make the investment case for increased and improved programming that addresses the specific vulnerabilities and needs of both males and females who are affected by or at risk of malaria and TB. The papers summarize the existing evidence base, demonstrating the ways in which gender impacts on Malaria and TB risks and effects (including those that intersect with HIV), and highlighting existing data and implementation gaps.  This information is useful for UNDP in its role in supporting governments to implement and operationalize the SDG agenda. The evidence, and particularly the recommendations presented in this paper, will also be useful for practitioners preparing concept notes for Global Fund resources. As such, this paper has been designed to be used in conjunction with UNDP’s 2015 ‘Checklist on Integrating Gender into the Processes and Mechanisms of the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and Malaria

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