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Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy in The Gambia

Nov 5, 2015

The NAMA for ‘Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy in The Gambia’ offers the country the opportunity to accelerate access to electricity through small-scale, off-grid and stand-alone projects, as well as income-generating opportunities for the local population.


With a national electrification rate of an estimated 40 per cent and with certain rural areas having an electrification rate as low as 6 per cent, the guiding principle for the design of the NAMA is to increase or provide access to electricity across the country’s rural communities.


The overall target of the NAMA is to support The Gambia to achieve the objectives of the Vision 2020. The NAMA is in line with the country’s prime objective for the energy sector to ensure an adequate supply of energy at affordable prices. The outcomes of this NAMA with regards to Sustainable Development, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reductions and Green Growth are strongly interrelated building blocks as a pathway of a change framework that shall ensure that the NAMA is fully embedded in the Vision 2020.