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Sound Chemicals and Waste Management for Sustainable Development

Apr 24, 2019

This brochure highlights the results, lessons learned, and human impact from selected GEF-funded UNDP projects to implement the Stockholm Convention on POPs. These eight case studies are grouped under four categories:

(a) Healthcare Waste Management (Africa Regional, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan)

(b) Unintentional POPs (China, Indonesia)

(c) PCB Management (Colombia, Ecuador)

(d) Industrial POPs (China).

These projects are linked to SDG #3: good health and well-being; SDG #5: gender equality; SDG #8: decent work and economic growth; SDG #9: industry, innovation and infrastructure; and SDG #12: responsible consumption and production. They are also directly linked to UNDP Strategic Plan Output 1.3. “Solutions developed at national and sub-national levels for sustainable management of natural resources, ecosystem services, chemicals and wastes.” Stories highlight impact of these projects on livelihoods and protecting human health. A particular focus of this publication is on gender issues and equality as women strive to play a critical role in protecting the environment.

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