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Joint UNDP-DPPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention - Annual Report 2018

Jul 11, 2019

This Annual Report presents an overview of the engagement of the Joint UNDP-DPPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention in 2018. 

The Programme continued to offer critical support to Resident Coordinators, UN Country Teams and national stakeholders to consolidate local capacities for dialogue, mediation, social cohesion, and national infrastructures for peace. 

The report highlights the work carried out by Peace and Development Advisors (PDAs) and peace and development teams, who are at the forefront of these efforts. This year, 49 PDAs positions were supported through the Programme, with a reach to 70 countries across the globe. Bridging the political and development pillars of the UN, these practitioners support coherence, collaboration and complementarity of UN support in politically complex and fragile settings.

The report presents some of the innovative and context-specific efforts supported by PDAs in 2018, such as reconciliation initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Salvador and Sri Lanka; dialogue and social cohesion efforts in Guinea, Guyana, and Moldova; as well as strengthened national peace architectures in Nigeria and Uganda. In Liberia and the Solomon Islands, PDAs supported local dialogue and mediation efforts in land conflicts. Furthermore, PDAs enabled joint conflict analysis, conflict sensitive programming, and strategic leadership on conflict prevention within UN Country Teams. 

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