UNDP's Ebola response in Guinea

14 Nov 2014

As the number of Ebola virus disease cases (EVD) and fatalities continues to rise in Guinea, the government has launched a National Response Plan to implement immediate life-saving interventions through the national health system, with support from the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) and UN agencies including UNDP.


The spread of Ebola has devastated Guinea’s macro-economic growth as its production sectors remain paralyzed - in particular, agriculture production of key exports such as cocoa and palm oil has severely diminished. Private sector activities such as mining have declined as foreign companies close down mining operations. Household incomes have dropped nearly 13% in just six months as inflation rises for basic goods, affecting the livelihoods of families.


UNDP's response in Guinea focuses on:

  • strengthening coordination and delivery of the immediate response to Ebola;
  • stronger community engagement;
  • recovery from the socio-economic impacts of Ebola.

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