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Development progress in numbers (2014-2017)

Sustainable development

  • 37.3 million people (51 percent women) benefited from improved livelihoods initiatives in 120 countries, including economic transformation, natural resource management and early recovery.
  • Nearly 3 million new jobs (41 percent for women) were created in 101 countries.
  • Action plans were developed in 36 countries to address unfinished work on the Millennium Development Goals and the transition to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Measures towards low-emission and climate-resilient development were implemented in 104 countries.

Inclusive and effective democratic governance

  • Nearly 170 million new voters were registered in 52 countries.
  • Over 4.1 million people (51 percent women) in 39 countries gained access to legal aid services.
  • Some 2 million people in 22 countries received antiretroviral treatment.
  • More than 27 million people took part in HIV-related behavioural change communication initiatives in 24 countries.

Resilience building

  • 1,388 disaster reduction and adaptation plans were put into place at national and subnational levels in 62 countries.
  • 38 countries adopted enforceable laws or regulations to address disaster and climate risks.
  • More than 6.7 million people had improved access to energy in 55 countries.

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