Supporting Young Entrepreneurs Guidebook - Incubator & Accelerator Programmes


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Supporting Young Entrepreneurs Guidebook - Incubator & Accelerator Programmes

February 4, 2022

With the growing number of entrepreneurship activities, UNDP Cambodia has developed an entrepreneurial support guidebook (2021) for stakeholders to understand the diversity of programmes and activities which are available to support young entrepreneurs in Cambodia. Although the information is detailed for each programme and activity, it does not cover all growing numbers of entrepreneurship activities in Cambodia. This will help create transparency on what’s currently offered in Cambodia with the purpose of guiding individuals or organizations who would like to understand more before designing or re-designing initiatives in the country. The guidebook is not a report, but an aggregation of details and learnings in entrepreneurship programming provided by ESOs and entrepreneurs for the startup ecosystem in Cambodia.

Through vigorous interviews, focus group discussions and dedicated editing and revisions from entrepreneur support organizations (such as private organizations, government agencies, NGOs, and education institutions) and young entrepreneurs themselves in Cambodia, the guidebook contains a depth of information regarding various entrepreneurship programmes offered in Cambodia as of 2021 and learnings from these stakeholders. The information of the guide is hoping to host this information on an open source platform for continuous contributions as the startup ecosystem is rapidly changing.

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