What We're Doing to Combat Plastic

Our vision is to help Cambodia, and the world, reduce plastic pollution by learning about and following the “4Rs.”

The 4Rs

1.  Refuse:

    a.      Refuse single-use plastics, like plastic straws, bags, and food packaging.

    b.     Bring your own bags and containers. 

    c.      Refrain from burning plastic waste.

2.  Reduce: reduce plastic waste by making eco-friendly purchasing decisions.

3.  Recycle: recycle and dispose plastics responsibly; always use recycling bins.

4.  Reuse: reuse recycled plastics instead of buying new ones. 

How We’re Promoting The 4Rs

We will promote the 4Rs by conducting research, promoting policy development, creating awareness-raising initiatives, hosting stakeholder engagement consultations and supporting business development in the waste management sector. 

4Rs to beat plastic pollution

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