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Innovation: UNDP Accelerator Labs in Cambodia

UNDP Accelerator Labs: Re-imagining development for the 21st century

In 2019, UNDP built the world’s largest and fastest learning network to tackle sustainable development challenges. The Accelerator Labs are made up of 60 Labs covering work in 78 countries. We generate actionable intelligence and test solutions with national partners. This will help us respond to complex development challenges with the right solutions, more quickly and more effectively. It’s early, but so far we’re winning awards.

This network of Accelerator Labs across the globe will work on development solutions in parallel to accelerate our collective learning. The UNDP Accelerator Labs are our way of reimagining development for the 21st century. They are designed to close existing gaps in addressing development challenges to respond to the accelerated pace of change we face.

Our four key approaches:

  1. Helping partners understand if there is a fit between their current investments and the changing development environment;
  2. Generating collective knowledge to help partners understand problems, develop new solutions and provide better oversight;
  3. Identifying local solutions that have the potential to accelerate development from the bottom up; and
  4. Widening the use of experimentation to test assumptions before moving to deploy solutions at scale.

Are you ready to reimagine development? Get in touch with us in Cambodia at or with the global Accelerator Labs at



Tum Nhim
Head of Solutions Mapping 



Vannaroith Sok
Head of Experimentation 



Otdam Hor
Head of Exploration