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COVID-19 Response and Recovery


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Bhutan's socio-economic landscape. The poor and vulnerable are the worst affected and the challenges of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals have multiplied. Our COVID-19 response is designed to help Bhutan look beyond recovery, towards 2030. We support in making choices and managing complexity and uncertainty in four main areas of Governance, Social Protection, Green Economy, and Digital Disruption and Innovation. Key support, among others, include:


Digital solutions for delivery of COVID-19 vaccines

Developed the Bhutan Vaccine System (BVS) in partnership with Ministry of Health as part of our support to build a more inclusive and robust health system. The BVS helped drive Bhutan’s COVID-19 vaccination success by ensuring, among others, real-time data for an equitable, safe and efficient roll-out of the doses.

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Digital solutions for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines 



A mobile device for prenatal care

UNDP supported the Ministry of Health in introducing iCTGs, a mobile device that allows remote monitoring of fetal heart rate and uterine contraction of pregnant women. It helps detect high-risk pregnancies, in rural areas, for timely referral to regional hospitals. Read more

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Enhancing energy security for green recovery

As the demand for electricity soars and climate change threat looms large, Bhutan is exploring other renewable energy sources to broaden its energy mix. The pilot 180 kW Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Wangduephodrang, augments efforts toenhance energy security through a diversified and sustainable supply mix. Read more

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