Environment UNDP Bhutan


Climate Change, Environment and Livelihoods


Putting nature and environment at the heart of development remains at the core of our partnership with Bhutan.

From building resilience of communities to combat risks from climate change to disaster risk reduction, strengthening disaster-resilient construction practices and water security, UNDP supports projects that promote sustainable land management, climate-smart agriculture and help build sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

Helping Bhutan maintain its carbon neutral goal is another priority. Through its projects, UNDP promotes inclusive, gender-responsive climate actions, low-emission transportation and sustainable waste management practices. 



Climate Change Adaptation 

We focus on building community and landscape resilience to the impact of climate change by ensuring access to water and promoting climate-resilient farming practices. We help build capacity of stakeholders on climate change adaptation and prioritize medium to long-term adaptation plan in agriculture, biodiversity and health sectors through National Adaptation Plan.


Climate Change Mitigation

We help Bhutan maintain its carbon neutral ambition through an enhanced Second Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) with clear GHG emission reduction targets in the agriculture, transport, human settlement, and industry sectors. Through its projects, UNDP promotes inclusive, gender-responsive climate actions and sustainable waste management practices. We are supporting Bhutan's efforts to transition to low-emission urban transport by promoting electric vehicles and tap into alternate renewable sources and explore sustainable climate financing.



Nature-Based Solutions

We support efforts to leverage nature-based solutions through integration of wildlife conservation into eco-tourism and promotion of circular economy to manage both urban and rural organic waste among others.