MPs join forces for Sustainable Development Goals

Uniting for Progress: Bangladesh Parliament and UNDP Advocate for Accelerated SDG Achievement

May 8, 2024

Members of the Bangladesh Parliament and representatives of UNDP discuss the monitoring and implementation of SDGs during a leadership session in the Oath Room, Bangladesh Parliament, May 7, 2024. Dr. Shirin Sharmin Choudhury, Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament, presides as the chief guest, emphasizing collaborative efforts to achieve national and global development goals

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under its ‘Strengthening Institutions, Policies, and Service (SIPS)’ programme, and the Bangladesh National Parliament jointly organized a Leadership Session titled "Parliamentarians' Engagement in Monitoring and Implementing SDGs: Progress and Priorities in Bangladesh," on May 7, 2024, held at the Bangladesh Parliament. The session aimed to galvanize efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by fostering dialogue and catalyzing action among Members of Parliament.

Addressing the session, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Choudhury, Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament, emphasized Bangladesh’s commendable strides in various SDG-aligned sectors, highlighting successes in poverty reduction, gender equality, healthcare, and education. She also underscored persistent challenges such as climate change impacts and the imperative for inclusive economic growth and robust institutions. The Speaker urged all MPs to actively participate in the SDG process, suggesting the integration of SDG-related scopes into constituency areas during the upcoming budget session. She proposed the formation of an SDG Caucus comprising selected MPs to strategize and execute action plans for SDG achievement.

The session provided a platform for approximately 100 representatives, with 74 Members of Parliament, to discuss the link between national development priorities and the SDGs. Key topics included the vital role of parliamentarians in policymaking, resource allocation, and monitoring progress towards SDG achievement.

Sonali Dayaratne, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Bangladesh, highlighted the pivotal role of parliamentarians as bridges between the legislature and grassroots communities. Emphasizing effective resource utilization, she stressed the mandate of MPs in monitoring SDG implementation to ensure targets are met.

Corine Henchoz Pignani, Head of Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, reiterated the partnership’s commitment to smooth SDG implementation, with a special focus on SDG 16. She expressed eagerness to sustain this collaboration to realize Agenda 2030.

Earlier, K.M Abdus Salam, Senior Secretary of the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat, gave the welcome remarks, followed by an overview of SDG Progress and Priorities in Bangladesh by Akhter Hossain, Principal Coordinator for SDG Affairs at the Prime Minister’s Office. Md Abul Kalam Azad MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Undertaking, moderated the session on Parliamentarians' Role in Monitoring and Implementation of SDGs.

As Bangladesh strides towards SDG fulfillment, such collaborative efforts between parliamentarians, international organizations, and government bodies are instrumental in accelerating progress and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

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Our collective effort is vital for achieving the SDGs,' emphasized Dr. Shirin Sharmin Choudhury, underscoring the pivotal role of parliamentarians in driving sustainable development across Bangladesh.