GEPMI Module 02 – Gender-Responsive Policy Analysis

GEPMI Module 02 – Gender-Responsive Policy Analysis

July 27, 2015

This module has three broad objectives. The first is to synthesize the separate
insights that are acquired in relation to economics, gender relations, economic development strategies, sectoral issues, and the development and implementation of public policies. The second is to review and systematize the insights of gender-aware policy analysis developed during the various components of the course. The third is to provide an opportunity for the participants to use their insights into gender-aware policy analysis to structure the development of gender-aware policy proposals.

The Global Gender and Economic Policy Management Initiative (GEPMI) is a comprehensive capacity development and policy advisory services programme that aims to help economic policies and poverty reduction strategies deliver results equitably to women and men, girls and boys. In Asia and the Pacific, three-week courses on Gender-Responsive Economic Policy Management, which provided hands-on skills to middle-level government planning officials, parliamentary staff and civil society organization, were held in 2012-2013. The course consisted of twelve modules addressing the most critical gender issues in all aspects of economic development in Asia and the Pacific. The modules can be used as a complete set to run a full-scale course. They can also be used individually, tailored for immediate and specific capacity development and policy advisory support to meet a country’s particular needs.

Governments interested in a specific capacity building or policy advisory service can contact UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub ( for immediate support.

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