Civil Construction workers rebuilding infrastructures in Indonesia

Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery for Building Resilience

Building Resilience in Asia-Pacific

Disasters continue to claim lives, destroy economies and livelihoods, and undermine development progress for millions of people. Crisis prevention, recovery and reducing the vulnerability of countries to catastrophe are cornerstones of UNDP’s work. 

We work to strengthen countries and institutions to prevent, mitigate and respond to crisis, conflict, natural disasters, climate and social and economic shocks. We also help countries and vulnerable communities to become more resilient by using technology to better respond, prepare and recover from disasters.

The BRH's Disaster Risk Reduction work has evolved to develop integrated, risk informed solutions towards building resilience in the region. BRH’s support ranges from disaster preparedness and early warning (23 countries), generating and using data and evidence for risk reduction (15 countries), and engaging in crisis response (demand-driven), including post disaster assessments and recovery planning. Risk governance efforts have resulted in integrated strategies addressing multi-dimensional risks in Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and Viet Nam and towards systems change in the Pacific Island Countries.