Feel. See. Hear. Run. Toolkit for Tsunami Preparedness

Feel. See. Hear. Run. Toolkit for Tsunami Preparedness

January 25, 2023

The Story behind the Toolkit

The United Nations Development Programme in Asia and the Pacific and the Government of Japan have been implementing a project on strengthening school tsunami preparedness since 2017. Working in 24 countries and over 400 schools, about 200,000 students, teachers and school administrators have been prepared through awareness programmes and safe evacuation drills. There is a need to scale up tsunami preparedness efforts to more tsunami prone schools and communities, as well as institutionalize preparedness efforts so that every year, every child is prepared. 

Initially, we intended to develop a programme module that could be offered in schools. But we soon realized that course curricula are difficult to influence. We also wanted students to learn in a fun and interactive way. Thus, the toolkit was born. 

What you will find in the Toolkit 

In many ways, the toolkit is the legacy of the project. There are facts and anecdotes, stories and games, based on the project’s best practices and lessons learned. It is about real people, real stories and real life situations. It is about universal standards of preparedness and the uniqueness of field implementation. Which is also why the toolkit is designed as fully customizable so that it can be used by anyone and anywhere. 

We hope that you will feel more prepared and equipped but also that you will enjoy the process of getting there!  

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