Even during a power outage in the village, the formerly dark street is now well-lit at night

July 17, 2023


UNDP “Sustainable Communities” programme has recently completed the installation of 18 km of street lighting system using green technologies in 17 bordering settlements of Vardenis community, Gegharkunik region, affected by 2022 September hostilities. Overall, more than 600 solar-powered luminaries have been installed to ensure safe nighttime movement and improve the quality of life in beneficiary settlements.   

“The solar luminaries are making a difference in people's lives. Despite the frequent and lengthy power outages in the settlement, the street lighting no longer goes off,” said Sevak Khachatryan, the administrative representative of Sotk settlement, highlighting the impact of the recently installed off-grid solar streetlights.

The bordering Sotk settlement is home to around 900 people. The settlement bears the brunt of the conflict in Gegharkunik region, which caused extensive infrastructure damage and affected accessibility of basic services, including street lighting. UNDP stepped in with sustainable solutions for rehabilitating the street lighting system in Vardenis area speeding up post-conflict recovery and improving the livability of conflict-affected settlements in Vardenis municipality.  

According to Mr. Aharon Khachatryan, the head of Vardenis community, the partnership with UNDP is bringing about much-needed change by supporting the municipality to respond to local needs, improve livelihoods and foster resilience. “As an aftermath of the hostilities, we have 17 more bordering settlements, where the movement after sunset is paralyzed and the sense of protection and safety are very low during nighttime due to the absence of streetlights. Thanks to UNDP the situation has changed. Even during a power outage in the village, the formerly dark street is now well-lit at night”, Mr. Aharon Khachatryan adds.


UNDP makes also an impactful contribution towards the stability and resilience of Kut settlement. “The insufficient coverage of the former outdated lighting system and the inefficiencies of electric bulbs are solved through solar-powered luminaries additionally producing savings in community budget,”- said Grigor Avakyan, administrative representative of Kut settlement.

As a result of UNDP work, 5000 people benefit from increased resilience and sustainability due to restoring and greening street lighting system in 17 conflict-affected settlements in Vardenis municipality. 

The initiative is funded by UNDP Crisis Bureau.