Classical music echoed at the Tighina Fortress, this time in symphonic pop version

June 10, 2024

The summer edition of the "Symphonic Pop at the Fortress" concert brought together fans of classical music from both banks of the Nistru River. The Moldovan National Youth Orchestra (MNYO) concert was supported by the European Union through the Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented by UNDP Moldova. 

Every year, at the beginning of summer, symphonic concerts are organised in the Tighina Fortress (Bender). The initiative to organise the sixth edition belongs to the hosts. And because tradition is important, the weather outside and the flooding rain were no obstacle for the audience from all over the country.

"This is already our third symphony concert which we attend and each time we are delighted with the wonderful atmosphere and the varied repertoire. We are always surprised by the selection of new and interesting songs, which bring a freshness to each concert. It is a real pleasure to attend such events, which, in addition to the exceptional musical quality, contribute significantly to the cultural development of our society. It's an amazing experience that we never miss," says Dina, a young woman from Tighina (Bender).

Another young woman, Lilia, came from Chișinău: "We organised this trip especially to attend the concert here and we came with a group of more than 20 people. Our journey was quite an adventure, taking the train to Anenii Noi and then walking to the fortress, but it was well worth the effort. The music here is absolutely gorgeous and creates an unforgettable experience."

MNYO concerts at the Tighina fortress are becoming popular, with sold out tickets in advance. On the evening of the concert, the 50 young musicians who took to the stage with soloists Felicia Dunaf, Stas Goncear, Simona and Radu Dolgan created a spectacle by reinterpreting pop songs in a symphonic version. 

"I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this concert on my birthday. The music is incredible and I was looking forward to this event. Every note, every chord makes me feel special and fulfilled. It is an experience I will always keep in my heart," said Svetlana, who came from Chișinău.

"I come to Tighina (Bender) especially for the symphony concerts because the atmosphere here is special. The music performed by the artists and the orchestra is of exceptional quality and manages to transport me to a world of harmony and beauty. It's a real cultural refuge that I treasure," adds Vladislava from Tiraspol. 

Year after year, the MNYO concerts organised at the Tighina fortress bring thousands of people together in an open-air concert. This time, conductor Andriano Marian came with a unique symphonic music performance. 

"Every time I return to the Tighina Fortress I welcome a generous and respectful audience, not to mention the fact that the place has a special energy. The joy is even greater when we all realize that music unites music lovers from both sides of the Nistru River in the same place. Together with the EU, UNDP and the host - Tighina Fortress, over six years, we have brought together more than 10,000 people, a beautiful result achieved through cultural diplomacy. I am confident that such summer concerts at the Tighina Fortress will continue", says Andriano Marian, conductor and director of MNYO.

The concert "Symphonic Pop at the Fortress" was the sixth concert organised by MNYO with the support of the EU and UNDP. After the restoration and conservation carried out with the support of the EU Programme Confidence Building Measures, implemented by UNDP, the tourist potential of the Tighina Fortress has been further increased, with concerts and cultural events organized on the territory of the fortress ensuring sustainability.

The Confidence Building Measures Programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP, contributes to building trust between the inhabitants of both sides of the Nistru River by involving them in joint development projects.