International Renewable and Clean Energy Conference held to Introduce and Advance Innovation and Technology Applications for Low-Carbon Development in Armenia

December 4, 2020

On 26-27 November, the 7th International Renewable and Clean Energy Conference titled “Energy for Secure Future - Low Carbon Development in Armenia: Science, Innovation and Practice” was held in the framework of “Development of Armenia’s Fourth National Communication to the UNFCCC and Second Biennial Update Report” Project,  implemented by UNDP in Armenia.  

The Conference was intended to contribute to enhancing national capacity and knowledge building through raising public awareness, as well as integrating climate change issues into the national sustainable and international framework for low-carbon development, in line with the decisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as the main outcome of this Conference.

More than 50 experts and participants representing 35 local and foreign stakeholders and donor organizations attended the two-day discussions. The Conference agenda included four Technical sessions and four Q&A and Discussion Sessions, during which 23 Presentations on achievements of unique research studies and practical applications of new technologies in the field of renewable and clean energy were presented.

At the opening session, Mr. Dmitry Mariyasin, UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia, welcomed participants and guests from Armenia, Austria, Greece and Morocco. He stressed the importance of the event, emphasizing the vast knowledge and experience of participants and the topic of the Conference being very timely with nowadays’ key challenges of climate change. “It is extremely valuable to have experts and scientists with us today, because a country like Armenia must use advanced solutions too... This is an opportunity for the Government, for partners and for private sector to promote a set of knowledge-based practical recommendations", - said Mr. Mariyasin.

Each technical session was followed by an active professional discussion and exchange of ideas on the presented topics and papers, that continued during the breaks as well. The opportunities for cooperation between the participants were discussed and new contacts and agreements were established for future collaborations.

All Presentations are available on the Conference website. The complete Papers will be peer-reviewed and further be published online and in print formats in the Conference Proceedings.