UNDP’s Resilience-Based Response to the Regional Syrian Crisis

UNDP’s Resilience-Based Response to the Regional Syrian Crisis

March 26, 2020

Responding to the multiple dimensions of the crisis will enable communities to improve their capacity to absorb the shock of this and future catastrophes - that is, to regain and enhance their resilience.

In Syria and in host communities in neighbouring countries, UNDP is working with affected households and communities to address the immediate needs, while also laying the building blocks for medium- and long-term recovery and development.

Through a resilience-based development approach, UNDP takes a longer-term perspective from the outset. UNDP strengthens the capacity of communities to cope with the crisis through immediate emergency interventions, by bolstering livelihoods, housing, infrastructure and basic services; recover from the socio-economic impact of the crisis by regaining productive assets; and sustain this recovery toward development through a functioning and peaceful socio-economic and political environment where development gains are protected.

Activities so far have included: vocational skills training, livelihoods creation, business support, rapid employment generation, crisis management at the local level and peacebuilding through the media, community organizations and school teachers.

UNDP is also committed to helping local governments bolster basic services to respond to the increasing demands and strains placed on war-affected communities inside Syria, as well as host communities in neighbouring countries.

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