3RP Regional Strategic Overview 2024


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3RP Regional Strategic Overview 2024

March 6, 2024

The Syria crisis, now entering its 14th year, remains one of the largest displacement crises globally, with more than 12 million Syrians forcibly displaced. Within this dire situation, approximately six million Syrian refugees are still hosted by neighbouring countries, amid deteriorating socio-economic and humanitarian conditions.

Around nine out of ten Syrian refugees grapple with challenges in meeting their basic needs and more host communities than ever need assistance.1 Syrian refugee hosting countries have shown incredible hospitality for over a decade yet are suffering from layers of crises which have led in some countries to an increasingly challenging protection environment with heightened negative sentiments towards refugees and worryisome pressures for return to Syria. At the same time, international support for Syrian refugee hosting countries is declining.

3RP countries hosting Syrian refugees continue to face macro-economic challenges, which have concrete impacts on the resilience and capacities of individuals, households, communities, businesses, and institutions. 

Three out of the five 3RP countries – Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan – carried public debt burdens of 88% of GDP or more by 2022.

Most of the host countries allocate a significant share of their budgets to debt service, which can crowd out spending on health or education or other social services, that would otherwise benefit host communities and refugees.

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