Private Sector Engagement Strategy 2024-2026

Private Sector Engagement Strategy 2024-2026

May 12, 2024

This document outlines the Private Sector Engagement Strategy for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Yemen Country Office.

Aimed at supporting development efforts in reconstruction and recovery, the strategy is designed to unlock private sector funds, align business strategies with national and community development priorities, and promote policies that encourage green, inclusive economic development.

The strategy takes a comprehensive and inclusive approach to partnership in several key areas of recovery and reconstruction, including construction, green and renewable energy, the financial sector, employment, health, education, fisheries and agriculture.

The goal of the strategy is to foster a dynamic and inclusive partnership with the Yemeni private sector, both domestically and in the diaspora, to drive green, inclusive economic development, create jobs and improve living standards for all Yemeni people.

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