Pottery Value Chain

Pottery Value Chain

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Pottery Value Chain

July 23, 2020

A market study with potential COVID-19 impact analysis 

Pottery products in Yemen are not in demand and yet, supply is not sufficient in most areas. Demand for pottery products has fallen with the emergence of affordable substitute non-pottery products of different purposes and the weak marketing strategies pursued by pottery market actors.

Supply, on the other hand, does not meet consumer demand in terms of quality and quantity due to the lack of financial capital and human capabilities.

For this type of businesses to grow, financial assistance is essential, as well as training in technical and practical aspects of the profession. Introducing appropriate technology in the value chain, from production to marketing, would be an advantage as well. Customers are a key driver of growth of the pottery industry and understanding and meeting their needs leads to their loyalty, which in turn boosts sales.

As per this study, available opportunities to be taken advantage of include the increment in prices of substitute products imported from outside the country due to the currently imposed closure of ports, which makes customers switch to locally made products.

Another opportunity is that this type of industry is suitable for women and can provide job opportunities for many of them. The availability of financial institutes offering loans to small businesses can be a start for expansion as well. The estimated amount for the required loan is YER 1,500,000 (USD = 500 YER) according to players in the industry.