Mont Blanc: Berat's Sweet Delight

UNDP Albania

March 19, 2024
Beautiful view from Berat

The beatiful city of Berat

UNDP Albania

Prior to yesterday, Mont Blanc was just an iconic mountain to me. However, during my visit to Berat, I discovered that Mont Blanc holds a different significance—it's Berat's beloved dessert.

Mont Blanc: Berat's Sweet Delight

On the left is the Mont Blanc dessert.

While enjoying coffee at the numerous cafes scattered across the city, I overheard locals discussing plans “to indulge” in Mont Blanc. Curious, I inquired further and was regaled with the story by my Berat-native friend.
She led me to Turizmi Patisserie, owned by Loreta Reovica, nestled on Bulevardi Republika in the heart of Berat.

This patisserie was undergoing a transformation under Loreta's leadership.

Loreta shared the story of Mont Blanc, or as she fondly referred to it, "Mont Blanc of Berat." Originally introduced to the city by a tourism chef in 1969, the dessert had become an integral part of Berat's culinary identity, firmly rooted in tradition.

The journey of Turizmi Patisserie began in 1994 when Loreta and her family acquired and rejuvenated the oldest hotel in town, Turizmi Hotel. Their venture blossomed into a renowned patisserie, celebrated for crafting the city's most iconic desserts—tabosh and Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc: Berat's Sweet Delight

The old branding of "Turizmi Patisserie". 

The recipes for these cherished treats had been preserved and passed down through generations, embodying a legacy of culinary excellence spanning over half a century. Two years ago, the patisserie was officially registered as an independent business, bearing the name "Turizmi Patisserie."

However, Loreta understood the importance of evolution and adaptation in a competitive market. Thus, when the opportunity arose to participate in the "Growing with Your Business" programme, she embraced it wholeheartedly—a chance to revitalize their beloved patisserie and push it towards greater success. The strategy provided by the programme became their guiding light.

Recognizing the importance of strengthening their business management capabilities, they participated in targeted training to learn the complexities of running a successful enterprise.

One of their priorities was to enhance efficiency by acquiring an expository fridge through UNDP's grant. This modern equipment not only showcased their products effectively but also ensured freshness and quality—a cornerstone of their business.

Subsequently, they focused on elevating compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and implementing 5S protocols to uphold food safety standards and enhance workplace productivity.

Rebranding Turizmi Patisserie was also paramount, with a refreshed identity and promotional materials aimed at captivating both loyal patrons and new customers alike.

Turizmi Patisserie

"Turizmi Patisserie" now has a new branding thanks to the “Growing with your Business” methodology.

Harnessing the power of social media, they expanded their reach and forged meaningful connections with dessert enthusiasts worldwide.

As they pursued long-term goals such as patenting their cherished recipes, Loreta remained focused on achieving tangible results.

And achieve they did—an impressive 69% increase in sales, a 20% boost in GMP compliance, and a 15% rise in Instagram followers.

Turizmi Patisserie is one of the 8 businesses which benefited from the piloting of the “Growing with your Business” methodology. Implemented in cooperation with the Municipality of Berat, this international business support tool by UNDP, aims to reinvigorate small businesses through comprehensive business consultancy, training, and grants to upgrade equipment and commercial image.

Standing amidst the bustling streets of Berat, Loreta reflects on the journey of Turizmi Patisserie. With a soft smile, she shares that to her, the patisserie embodies more than just a business—it represents a sweet success story.