Finding Hope at the Kurbin Resilience Center

UNDP Albania

February 7, 2024
Finding Hope at the Kurbin Resilience Center

Finding Hope at the Kurbin Resilience Center

In the small town of Kurbin, one can easily spot the Kurbin Resilience Center.  Each day, you see parents clutching the hands of their children, women and girls seeking support, and citizens searching for a helping hand.

Klodian, a 14-year-old from Gorre Village, is one of the teenagers who found hope at the center.

Klodian suffers from complex physical and mental health problems, which prevent him from attending school. He lacks the basics that others often take for granted, presenting a set of obstacles for his growth and wellbeing.
Klodian lives in a world where getting basic help is not easy – a reality he has known all his life.
But a glimmer of hope has emerged for Klodian.

Nestled in the heart of Kurbin Municipality, the Resilience Center, run by World Vision and funded by USAID/Albania, has become Klodian's haven. The Resilience Center has provided him with the essential social services he desperately needs.

Finding Hope at the Kurbin Resilience Center

On a weekly basis, Klodian receives home-based physiotherapy, speech therapy, and psychosocial counselling.

Access to these services has been greatly beneficial for Klodian’s wellbeing and development.

"It's incredible to see how happy Klodian is when the psysiotherapist and speech therapist show up at the door,” says his mother, highlighting the newfound optimism radiating from her son.

“Klodian has been grappling with a multitude of disability-related challenges without ever having received professional assistance until now. His eyes light up with joy as soon as we enter his home, and it's evident that he can't wait for his therapy sessions. We are committed to working tirelessly with him until his situation improves" states Drilona, the physiotherapist at the Resilience Center.

The Kurbin Resilience Center is one of three resilience centers established through the  "Improving Community Resilience" project, funded by USAID/Albania, implemented by UNDP Albania, and run by specialized NGOs. The program complements the EU's work on social protection and social inclusion to support Albania's efforts to meet its obligations under the acquis.  The resilience centers established in Kurbin, Durrës, and Lezhë map those most vulnerable in the municipalities–those who are most at risk of falling through the cracks–and then connect them with existing services or advocate for new resources.  They are providing psychosocial support services, speech therapy, physiotherapy, afterschool programs and tutoring, and employment mentoring programs.  

Finding Hope at the Kurbin Resilience Center

The Resilience Center goes beyond traditional services, serving as a vibrant hub for community empowerment and dismantling systemic barriers.  It brings together professionals from various fields to effectively coordinate, refer, and manage cases, enhancing institutional response mechanisms in Kurbin and boosting the skills of service providers.

Klodian’s challenging situation is now supported by specialized therapy from these professionals, providing him with a strong network to improve his well-being.  Stories like Klodian’s underscore the center’s dedication to creating positive change in the community.

Edlira Papavangjeli, UNDP Programme Manager, states: “We are delighted to see the increasing demand from vulnerable communities for the services provided by the center. Our team of dedicated professionals, including physiotherapists, speech therapists, psycho-social and legal specialists, is committed to serving those at high risk of being left behind.”

The Improving Community Resilience program is establishing a model of support for marginalized communities affected by exclusion, discrimination, and conflict. 


If you ever find yourself in need of social care services, do not hesitate to reach out to the Kurbin Resilience Center. There, you will receive dedicated and professional assistance.