Self Employment Booklet

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Self Employment Booklet

April 27, 2022

In the frame of the Skills Development for Employment (SD4E) Programme, UNDP has designed a Self-Employment measure as an alternative way of employment generation for youth, encouraging young people to take that decisive step from idea to creating their own business.  Jointly with the Ministry of Finance and the National Employment Service (NES), UNDP has been implemented three rounds of the measure, supporting young people in finding viable and skills-building routes to employment, rather than relying on informal patronage networks for jobs in the public sector.

Around 150 young women and men were beneficiaries of the programme and managed to successfully open their small businesses. The programme was handed over the National Agency for Employment and Skills and is now part of the Employment Promotion Programs implemented by the Employment Offices all around Albania. The booklet contains the stories of 13 young people and their endeavors in the world of entrepreneurship.