Public Buildings Empowered by Solar Panels: Installation of solar PV systems in Shkodra Municipality through UNDP implemented project funded by the Government of Japan

UNDP Albania

May 24, 2024
Installation of solar PV systems in Shkodra Municipality through UNDP implemented project funded by the Government of Japan

Shkodra 24 May 2024: Two solar photovoltaic systems were officially handed over to the municipality of Shkodra today. The ceremony, which was attended by the Ambassador of Japan to Albania, Ms. KATO Kikuko, the UNDP Resident Representative, Ms. Monica Merino, the Mayor of Shkodra, Mr. Benet Beci, and other representatives of the municipality as well as and the citizens, marked a significant milestone in the municipality’s sustainable energy journey.

These installations, benefiting two public kindergartens in Shkoder, underscore the tangible impact of sustainable energy solutions on local communities. The solar photovoltaic installed capacity in these two kindergartens is 100 kWp with an expected energy cost savings of 32,061 Euro annually. 

These are two, out of ten solar PV systems installed in public buildings in Shkodra, Dibra, Klos and Permet with a total installed capacity of 542 kWp, poised to significantly reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 20,000 tons over their 25-year lifetime, providing clean, green energy access to approximately 2,124 children, public officials, and citizens.

Implemented in the context of the "Market Transformation for Solar Power Photovoltaic Acceleration in Albania" project, funded by the Government of Japan and implemented by UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the Agency for Energy Efficiency, local governments, this project aimed to expedite Albania's transition towards renewable energy sources. 

With a funding of $859,000 USD from the Government of Japan, the project supported implementation of the Albania commitments on Climate Change aligned with the Paris Agreement, strengthening the country's commitment to climate-resilient development.

The Ambassador of Japan to Albania KATO Kikuko, underlined: “At the heart of this project lies the support to Albania’s efforts in decarbonization and adjustment to the climate change. We hope that the installation of solar photovoltaic systems in this municipality contributes to diversify the power generation resources other than hydropower in Albania. It will also contribute to a stable provision of electricity and sustainable economic development in Albania. Further it will accelerate Albania’s implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). In implementing this project, Japan organized a joint seminar with UNDP and representatives of the 4 involved municipalities. Through this seminar we could share our experience and know-how in renewable energy with our Albanian friends. I would like to express my gratitude for the unwavering commitment of the UNDP team and the implementing team of the municipality during the whole process of this project.”

The UNDP Resident Representative in Albania Monica Merino underlined:” This project is a solid contribution towards the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions. This is set to prevent over 20,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of the power plants, providing over 2,000 people with direct access to solar energy. I am grateful to the Government of Japan for their valuable partnership and support, not only to Albania but also to other countries around the globe, in our collective endeavour to build a net-zero future. The Government of Japan is a core partner of UNDP and plays a significant role in translating climate pledges into impactful, tangible actions on the ground."

Through targeted policy support, pilot installations in municipal buildings and skills development initiatives, the project aimed at promotion of solar energy as one of the main renewable energy sources other than Hydro.  
Leveraging Japanese expertise and advanced technologies, the project enhanced technical capabilities and fostered entrepreneurship within the solar energy sector. The handover ceremony in Shkodra Municipality symbolized the successful collaboration between Japan, UNDP, and local stakeholders in advancing sustainable development goals.

Aligned with the goals outlined at COP26, UNDP through the climate promise initiative reiterated its commitment to supporting countries in translating NDC targets into actionable initiatives. Albania's enhanced NDC, submitted in October 2021, demonstrated a resolute commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and embracing clean energy solutions.

The transformative potential of solar energy is already evident through ten pilot projects implemented across Dibra, Klos, Shkodra, and Përmet municipalities, resulting in enhanced access to solar, energy for thousands of Albanian citizens.