“Don’t Chose Extinction” Campaign comes to Albania: UNDP joins hands with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and “One Telecommunications” to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of climate change on people and planet.

November 17, 2021

Don't chose extinction

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment, UNDP and One Telecommunication launched in Tirana today the global campaign ‘Don’t Choose Extinction”. The centerpiece of the campaign is a short film that brings a ferocious, talking dinosaur called Frankie, to the United Nations’ headquarters to urge more climate action from global leaders. Bursting into the iconic General Assembly Hall, famous for history-making speeches by leaders from around the world, the imposing dinosaur tells an audience of shocked and bewildered diplomats and dignitaries that “it’s time humans stop making excuses and start making changes” to address the climate crisis. “At least we had an asteroid,” the dinosaur warns, referring to the popular theory explaining dinosaurs’ extinction 70 million years ago. “What’s your excuse?”

According to the latest data from the First Biennial Update Report, the projected trends indicate that the mean annual temperature in Albania will increase between 1.3°C and 2.2°C by 2050 In the Albanian coast, annual average temperatures are expected to increase for all seasons, but especially for summer months. The frequency of extremely high temperatures and the number and duration of heat waves is expected to increase significantly by 2050. By 2050, precipitation for Albania is expected to decrease between 2.1% and 4.3% from the 1986-2005 baseline of 929.7 mm. Variability of precipitation is expected to increase in the coastal area, with an increased frequency and intensity of heavy rainfall events. During summer months, the combined increase in heavy rainfall events and the decrease in rainfall averages indicate that the frequency of droughts is projected to increase. Projections for the coast indicate on average a rise in sea level from 45 cm to 60 cm by 20100. This will favour an increased salinization of coastal aquifers and make coastal areas vulnerable to floods from storm surges and erosion.

In October 2021, with the assistance of UNDP Climate Promise and other partners, in response to Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Albania submitted its revised NDC with enhanced ambition, but also with a broader scope that encompasses more types of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and more sectors. Albania’s revised contribution to mitigation aims to decrease emissions by 20.9% in 2030 compared to Business-as-usual scenario

“Climate change and inequality are inextricably linked. The rapid acceleration of climate change presents the biggest existential threat to humanity ever known. Just like the COVID-19 pandemic, it affects everyone - but not equally. While nobody will be immune to the increasingly savage effects of our heating planet, it is poor and vulnerable people who will pay the price of inaction”-says UNDP Resident Representative in Albania Monica Merino.

The Campaign will use a myriad of communication tools and channels including public events, aiming to increase knowledge over the effects that everyone will face if no action is taken to slow down the raise of global temperatures. The Campaign will further raise awareness that everybody’s action count to make a change to the threatening situation that we are living in.

UNDP, Ministry of Tourism and Environment and One Telecommunications call on the public to start changing mindset and choose individual actions having environment and climate in mind.  

Institutions, organizations, and companies have the duty to undertake actions to support the decrease of carbon footprint. The public has a responsibility too. It is a mission for everyone.

Through ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign, partners aim to engage with the broader public, to address the climate crisis. Much bolder climate action is needed, and the collaboration of partners and the public is essential to protect human existence.

UNDP has assisted the government of Albania since 1998 to prepare the National Communications on climate change showing the level of Green House Gas GHG emissions, mitigation scenarios, climate change indicators and adaptation related action plans. A series of UNDP interventions have addressed climate and environmental national priorities such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, adaptation, to climate change, protected areas and biodiversity conversation and more.

One Telecommunications joins this campaign as a pioneer company in taking actions to protect the environment and decrease to the minimum the carbon footprint. Only during last year, the company decreased again the energy intensity and GHG emissions by 19.9% and 36.1% respectively; reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 18.1% (equal to 231 tons of CO2); sent for recycling 100% of lead batteries, oil-lubricants, WEE materials, and accumulators; every year launches internal awareness campaigns about recycling and responsible use of water, paper, and electricity. These efforts are a continuous process since many years, making One Telecommunications an example for acting responsibly.  

UNDP has assisted the government of Albania since 1998 to prepare the National Communications on climate change showing the level of Green House Gas GHG emissions, mitigation scenarios, climate change indicators and adaptation related action plans.