Call for consultants - Participation in the training of IN MOTION Methodology

UNDP Albania

October 14, 2022



UNDP through the Economic Recovery and Resilience Programme intends to stimulate the Albanian Economy through competitiveness of small-and medium sized enterprises, support of Albanian Institution with innovative and effective tools, and employment. The overall objective of the project is to increase competitiveness and resilience of SME and MSME in Albania. The project is developed based on the Albania earthquake PDNA recommendations and it is also in line with promoting the implementation of “UN Albania Covid-19 Socio- Economic Recovery & Response Plan”. The above objective will be attained through working with private sector and coordinating and cooperating with public institutions to implement two tested methodologies (In Motion and Supplier Development Programme) that boost micro and small enterprises and SMEs. One key ingredient of the project will be the support of the recently laid off workers with reskilling and upskilling to match with the rethinking of the activities and especially the ways of delivering the products and services of the private sector. In addition, the project will provide the support and the necessary measures for the development of an online platform that incorporates transparency, business analysis and promotion, and growing opportunities for businesses.

In Motion was implemented in Albania immediately after the earthquake of 26 November 2019. The pilot phase was implemented in the Municipality of Durres in 15 businesses. After the pilot phase, with the support of Tirana municipality, In Motion supported 35 more businesses in Astir, Tirana. The intervention of the methodology lasts 4 months and includes a business consultant and a graphic designer expert to support the selected business with personalized business advise, acquiring new skills through group trainings and improved commercial image.


(Upon completion of training on In Motion Methodology)

In Motion is an international methodology, developed and successfully applied by UNDP in many countries affected by natural disasters. The In Motion Methodology seeks to boost productive capacity and broaden market reach for micro and small businesses by innovating the traditional business model improving customer service and strengthening businesses’ commercial image.

The In Motion Methodology was implemented in Albania immediately after the earthquake of 26 November 2019 in the Municipality of Durres, as one of the most affected areas. In Motion in Albania aims at supporting the micro and small businesses in stabilizing the economic conditions, helping them to recover their business infrastructure and re-establish their economic activities in the market.

UNDP Albania aims at extending the In Motion Roster with business consultants. Those who fulfill the requested criteria will be invited to participate in the In Motion Methodology training leading up to inclusion in the In Motion Roster.

Upon completing the course, the participants:

  • Will have gained broad knowledge of the UNDP - IN MOTION Program methodology in all its stages and activities and will have practical knowledge of the instruments and tools required to apply it.
  • Will have learned a methodology that helps businesses to set up their own basic improvement process and document it.
  • Will be able to integrate digital tools in their technical assistance to micro businesses for being more competitive and flexible in this context due to COVID – 19.


  • Those qualified to participate and who pass successfully the test will be included in the Roster of In Motion Methodology, which will give them the opportunity, upon request and availability, to apply for Individual Contract.
  • The training will last 3 days over a period of two weeks in the first half of November 2022. At the end of the training, participants must also pass a test on basic concepts of marketing, strategic planning, productivity, quality, finance, and accounting.
  • The training expenses are covered by UNDP and full participation is required to qualify for the final test.
  • Candidates must meet the following criteria:
    • Bachelor's degree, preferably in business management or economic sciences.
    • At least 4 years of verifiable work experience, 3 of which must have been in companies, either as an employee or as a consultant.
    • Full working knowledge of English and Albanian is essential.
    • Preferably, demonstrate experience and ability in implementing improvement projects in the business sector related to some or all the following areas: quality systems, competitiveness improvement strategies, productivity systems, strategic planning, financial planning, commercial intelligence, production organization, human resource, and logistics development, etc.



The course objective is to train consultants in the In Motion Methodology to provide personalized business assistance to micro-business owners to improve their commercial conditions, broaden their market, and improve their productive capacity.

To apply for this training, please send your application with CV and references by October 24th, 2022 to