16 Days of Activism Unites Communities Against Gender-Based Violence in Albania

UNDP Albania

December 21, 2023
16 Days of Activism Unites Communities Against Gender-Based Violence in Albania

In a powerful display of unity, UNDP came together to send a resounding message: "There's no excuse for gender-based and domestic violence."

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence featured a myriad of events, including a Flash Mob, a parachute game engaging vulnerable communities, and an innovative installation named "The House of Hope." This installation showcased messages derived from real-life stories of gender-based violence victims, emphasizing the urgency to prevent, report, and punish such acts while providing comprehensive support to victims.

16 Days of Activism Unites Communities Against Gender-Based Violence in Albania

The campaign also encompassed youth street theaters, a bike ride against gender-based and domestic violence, and various educational initiatives like mobile human rights desks, street legal education, Resilience Bootcamp, university forums, book club sessions, and podcasts with legal experts. These efforts aimed to empower individuals in vulnerable communities with knowledge about their rights and the institutional mechanisms available for protection.

A key focus of the campaign was strengthening the role and professional capacities of local coordinated referral mechanisms against domestic violence. This resulted in the establishment of the Kurbin Coordinated Referral Mechanism.

The events, integral components of the "Improving Community Resilience" project funded by USAID Albania, attracted meaningful participation and interest from diverse groups. Three resilience centers situated in Durres, Kurbin, and Lezha played a crucial role in this dynamic engagement. These initiatives were conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, local governments, civil society organizations, and communities.

Simultaneously, within the context of "Ending Violence Against Women", funded by Sida, a myriad of awareness-raising activities unfolded across 13 municipalities in Albania. Implementing partners from civil society organizations played a crucial role in these efforts.

The 16-day campaign strategically engaged both women and girls, as well as men and boys, alongside public and non-public stakeholders, fostering active participation in the ongoing fight against gender-based violence. The initiative focused on several key areas:

It empowered young individuals by providing platforms for their voices to challenge societal norms contributing to gender-based violence. Marches organized served as a catalyst for change, capturing public attention and building a powerful momentum for action.

Art has emerged as a significant force in the fight against gender-based violence, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. Street theaters and Photo Voice sessions provided survivors with a secure space to share their stories, fostering empathy and understanding.

16 Days of Activism Unites Communities Against Gender-Based Violence in Albania

Collaborating with local authorities and communities ensured that efforts were integrated into the local context, addressing specific challenges unique to each community. This collaborative approach tapped into local insights, making initiatives not only effective but also sustainable.