Social Inclusion_UNDP_Albania

Human capital development and social inclusion

Inclusion means that people are part of the social, economic, political and cultural life of their country and that their voices are heard and that they are able to use their capabilities, and access resources, including financial and business opportunities.

Human Capital is the knowledge, skills, and health accumulated by people over their lifetimes that enable them to realize their potential as productive members of society. Investing in Human Capital, means investing in people- which is critical for the future of Albania. Only with quality investment in people, UNDP can  we deliver real outcomes and ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to earn a fair income, live a healthy life, and contribute to society. Investing in human capital, is essential to reducing poverty and achieving sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

Albania needs well-functioning, fully operational and funded social inclusion and protection policies.  Discrimination, stigmatization, and gender-based violence affect women and men in Albania. UNDP targets these groups aiming to increase social cohesion and social protection.

UNDP works with national partners to promote social cohesion and strengthen social protection systems, services, and financing mechanisms to increase coverage and quality for people especially those coming from vulnerable groups.

To reach those most left behind, UNDP supports provision of services at municipal and national levels in the areas of education, integrated health, and social care as well as social housing. UNDP, with the European Union, will continue investments in the education sector affected by the 2019 earthquake, adopting European Union standards and expanding information and communication technology measures as a post-COVID-19 recovery strategy.