UNDP-Japan | Guinea-Bissau

UNDP-Japan | Guinea-Bissau

January 1, 2021

Building strong institutions for sustaining peace in Guinea-Bissau 

The overall objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of Bissau-Guinean State institutions to uphold the rule of law, to provide access to justice for all, and to strengthen democratic accountable institutions, in particular the National People’s Assembly to fully assume its representative, legislative and oversight role.

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Limiting the impact of COVID-19 through enhanced healthcare and social protection in Guinea-Bissau 

UNDP intends to support the government of Guinea-Bissau to improve health service provision, including the acquisition of personal protective equipment, oxygen, ventilator supplies; support the COVID-19 call centre and step-up efforts for case tracing through a digital app, as well as utilize the JICA KAIZEN methodology to set up and implement a pilot 3 x 6 scheme. 

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