COVID-19 Recovery Framework for Africa

COVID-19 Recovery Framework for Africa

October 13, 2022

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed societal vulnerabilities, including a potential 'domino effect' on various systems. In Africa, this impact is particularly severe for vulnerable groups. To ensure inclusive recovery, a holistic approach is essential, with risk-informed interventions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063.

The African Union Heads of States and Governments have shown strong commitment to COVID-19 response and recovery, and to improved coordination across sectors and stakeholders. In collaboration with UNDP and other partners, the African Union Commission has developed a COVID-19 Recovery Framework for Africa. Endorsed in early 2022, this framework offers guidance based on best practices, aiming to guide resilient recovery efforts at continental, regional, and national levels.

Implementing this agenda is crucial for rapid and resilient recovery across Africa. The framework focuses on strategic objectives, including protecting health and economic welfare, addressing macroeconomic challenges, safeguarding human development, stimulating economic recovery, and tackling cross-cutting issues like social protection, gender equality, disaster risk reduction, and green recovery. Collaboration with Regional Economic Communities and consultative mechanisms has played a key role in shaping the framework.

The framework document is available in the five official languages of the African Union: Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.