Meet the UNDP Zimbabwe Accelerator Lab Team

September 13, 2019

Accelerator Lab Team, Zimbabwe

From the 28th of July to the 1st of August 2019, Sharleen, Gift and Shamiso took part in the Accelerator Lab Bootcamp held in Rwanda. These three individuals will be working in the Zimbabwe lab as the Heads of Solution Mapping, Experimentation and Exploration.  

The bootcamps were held to introduce the incoming lab teams to their mission, core methodology and help them develop their initial action plans.

Sharleen Mabisa Moyo, Head of Solution Mapping

“My father told me that I grew up with an insatiable curiosity: always searching for the "why" in everything I pursued and experienced. This innate desire became a driving force in my study of people and communities. The knowledge that I have drawn from this is informing the decisions I make in building solutions in development work and help me in fulfilling my promise to seek and create solutions that meet the heart of human needs and communities.”

Gift Ntuli, Head of Experimentation

I am hopeful that my insatiable curiosity and multidisciplinary problem-solving mindset will add more value to the activities of our UNDP country office and partners. I am excited about the opportunity to share my diverse skillset, while learning from my colleagues. I am confident that the relations we will forge, as we question and challenge ourselves to mutate, will make our work worthwhile and enjoyable.

Shamiso Ruzvidzo, Head of Exploration

I’m a storyteller, an innovator, a forward thinker who is persistent about finding what works in real time and how it’s connected to the global spectrum of developmental impact.  I promise to go beyond and deeper to reimagine , develop and grow solutions which will have a sustainable effect and positive result on the 2030 goals and beyond.

What is the Accelerator Lab?

The accelerator labs are re-imagining development for the 21st century and closing the widening gap between the current practices of international development and accelerating challenges

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