Road Safety in Zambia — Investment Case

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Road Safety in Zambia — Investment Case

December 3, 2023

This investment case on Road Safety in Zambia presents a compelling case for action. Road traffic accidents not only claim more than 2,100 Zambian lives annually but also impose a staggering economic burden of US$700 million or ZMK 16.7 billion each year, equating to 4.7% of the nation's GDP. 

The toll is not just in lives lost; the continuation of current trends could lead to 115,000 preventable deaths and more than 486,000 permanent disabilities in the next three decades, along with injuries to an additional 7.3 million people.

However, there is a silver lining. This investment case demonstrates that through strategic investments in road safety interventions, Zambia has the potential to avert more than 50,000 deaths, prevent 130,000 permanent disabilities, and save US$12.8 billion (ZMK 234 billion) in economic losses. These findings are not just statistics; they represent real lives that can be saved and countless injuries that can be prevented, making a profound case for prioritizing road safety in Zambia.