Open Positions in the UN for Zambian Youth

The GRZ-UN Joint Programme on Youth - Phase I announces the call for applications for 16 Graduate and 17 Internship positions in UN agencies in Zambia

July 17, 2023
3 UNVs in Zambia celebrating International Volunteer Day 2022

Explore a future within the UN

Image captured by: Vanessa Wematu Akibate/UNDP Zambia

As part of the Internship, Volunteer, Apprenticeship and Graduate (IVAG) Programme under Phase One of the GRZ-UN Joint Programme on Youth, the UN is advertising 16 Graduate and 17 Internship positions across 7 UN agencies.

Young people are encouraged to apply for the chance to gain practical work experience and skills the fields of healthcare, education, gender equality, sustainable development, climate action, programming and operations. 

Click the links below to explore the open assignments:


Open Positions

FAO Assignments:

4 Internship Positions in Communications, Human Resources, Aquaculture, and Agronomy

Call for Expression of Interest

UNHCR Assignment:

Operations Assistant


Previously Advertised Positions

Graduate Advert Links

UNDP Assignments:

[CLOSED] Communications Assistant:

[CLOSED] Finance Assistant:

[CLOSED] Procurement Assistant:

[CLOSED] Programme Assistant-UNIPOD

UNICEF Assignments:

[CLOSED] Documentation Assistant:

[CLOSED] Administrative Assistant:

[CLOSED] Knowledge and Information Management Assistant

[CLOSED] Communication and Youth Engagement Assistant

[CLOSED] Education Programme Assistant

[CLOSED] Programme Assistant

[CLOSED] Public Finance for Climate Assistant

UNRCO Assignment:

[CLOSED] Administrative Assistant

UN-Habitat Assignment:

[CLOSED] Programme Assistant

UNESCO Assignment:

[CLOSED] Administrative Assistant

UNHCR Assignment:

[CLOSED] Education Assistant

IOM Assignment:

[CLOSED] Programme Assistant


Internship Advert Links

UNICEF Assignments:

[CLOSED] Finance Intern

[CLOSED] Logistics Intern

[CLOSED] Adolescent and School Age Nutrition Intern

[CLOSED] Digital Learning Intern

[CLOSED] Nutrition Information System Intern

[CLOSED] Social Inclusion Intern

[CLOSED] Planning and Monitoring Intern

UNDP Assignment:

[CLOSED] Knowledge Management Intern

IOM Assignment:

[CLOSED] Digital File Management Intern

UNFPA Assignment:

[CLOSED] Adolescent and Maternal Health Intern 

UNDSS Assignment:

[CLOSED] Security Officer Intern 

UNHCR Assignment:

[CLOSED] Energy Assistant