Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is looking to support ground breaking businesses that will change the management and recycling of waste in the cities of Lusaka and Ndola.

The purpose of this Innovation Call is to support private sector to promote circular economies. The inadequate recycling of waste threatens the capacity of the city councils to manage waste sustainably.  Research undertaken by UNDP identified the main challenges to be insufficient capacity for the recovery and recycling of various types of waste streams; insufficient capacity and equipment for municipalities to deal with the collection, transportation and disposal of waste; and inadequate awareness on sound management of waste and their impact on human health and the environment.

We welcome individuals aged 18 and above or companies to submit proposals for supporting innovative business models along the waste management value chain in the following 3 areas:

·        Sustainable Collection Models and Solutions to the Waste Management Value Chain

Innovative business models that add value to the waste management value chain from separation of waste at source to sustainable measures in response to the waste products.

·        Recycling of Waste Products

Waste has value. Innovations that demonstrate value addition and recycling or repurposing of waste products are encouraged, especially as they have a big impact on reducing waste that is taken to the dump site

·        Innovations in public outreach

Innovative models and solutions to increase public awareness on and action to waste management, assisting the work being done by the Municipal Councils in Lusaka and Ndola.

Eligibility Criteria

The application will be opened to youths assessed according to the following:

·        Zambian youths between the age of 18 – 35, with 50% allocation to women/girls

·        The innovative business or idea must be implemented in Lusaka (6) and Ndola (4)

·        The applicant individual/company must apply for a challenge prize amount of no more than USD4,000

·        The applicant(s) must be willing to be matched to a business development programme, focused on enhancing their skills.

·        The funding request must be for a specific and innovative business or idea that provides a solution to the challenge of waste recycling and is new to the targeted city.

·        The project must demonstrate that it would continue beyond the life of the funding.

10 successful individuals or small companies will receive a challenge prize amount up to USD4,000 that they can procure items with through UNDP to support the implementation of their proposal. In addition, these individuals or companies will be matched to a business development support and mentorship   programme to enhance their skills.

Interested innovators can submit their application here